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Five Father’s Day Gifts from Local Favorites

Aspen Grove Dental Celebrates Father's Day

Why is it so hard to find that perfect Father’s Day gift for dad? Probably because he asks for little in return for all that he does. This year, we thought we’d make it a little easier to find that one gift that would put a smile on your father’s face. And since we’re big on supporting local businesses (like us) all of our ideas are sourced locally.

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Straight Talk About Clear Aligners

Franklin, TN Dentist ClearCorrect Aligner Smile

The doctors at Aspen Grove Dental are known for adopting technology into their dental practice in order to provide patients with the best service possible. The ClearCorrect orthodontic therapy is one example of the state-of-the art service they provide their patients.

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Dr. Joe Trammell Celebrates 30 Years of Making Us Smile

Franklin, TN Dentist Joe Trammell Celebrates 30 years

We are honored to be celebrating Dr. Joe Trammell’s 30th year as a dentist. For twenty-five of those years he has served Franklin and the surrounding area from Aspen Grove Dental office. We sat down with him recently to talk with him about what it takes to have such longevity in a competitive field, what he’s learned and what’s on the horizon for him and his practice.

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We’re Number One - Again! Aspen Grove Dental is 2016 Sizzle Award Winner

Franklin, TN Dentist Sizzle Awards

Thanks Franklin! The 2016 Sizzle Award results are out and for the second year in a row, Aspen Grove Dental was voted the number one Adult Dentistry Practice in the Health and Wellness category.

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