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Fun Alternatives to Halloween Candy

Fun Alternatives to Halloween Candy: Children in Costume

The annual sugarfest known as Halloween will soon be upon us. A sweet treat is always better than a sneaky trick but if you’re searching for an alternative to dishing out sugar-loaded candies we’ve compiled a fantastic list of alternatives.

Temporary Tattoos - Easy to apply and easy to remove these are great fun for everyone. We especially love these Peanuts Halloween Tattoos.

Stickers - Keep the fun on the paper with any of these fun designs.

Glow Gear - Light up their night with everything from glow sticks and bracelets to glow-in-the-dark fangs and even finger lights.

Bouncy Balls - It may be one of the oldest of toys but it’s still one of the best. Check out these Halloween-inspired designs.

Bubbles - Make the night a little lighter with Halloween-themed bubble dispensers.

Bugs - What’s not to love about bugs on Halloween. Check out these jumping spiders or grow bugs.

Paratroopers - Kids will spend hours launching and re-launching these fun toys. They make great party decorations, too.

Whatever fun you’re serving up this Halloween season, remember to brush regularly and visit your dentist at least twice a year. Need an appointment? Call us now at (615) 790-8494.


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