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4th of July: Family Fun


The 4th of July is iconic Americana.  Red, white and blue, the colors that scream I'm proud to be an American!  There's nothing like this holiday to bring the whole family together for some summer fun.  Here are some great ideas to bring to your 4th of July.  Simple, quick and creative crafts, activities and eats that will be a hit for the whole family!


Balloon fireworks
These will go off with a bang!  The best part, no fire is involved so they are safe indoors or out.  Simply place a balloon on the end of a funnel.  Add confetti into the balloon.  Then blow up the balloon, and when the time is right..... POP!  You have yourself your very own firework!


Displaying Flags
Take a quick trip to the dollar store and stock up on American flags of all sizes.  Decorating the yard, the house or even the neighborhood is a great family activity.  Something as simple as putting flags up is a sure way to spread American cheer.


Kid Friendly 4th of July Dessert
Who knew this dessert would be such a hit?!  You’ll need ice cream sandwiches, and red, white and blue sprinkles.  Pour the sprinkles on a plate or in a bowl.  Then roll the ice cream sandwich in the sprinkles covering the edges of the ice cream.  Viola!  You have yourself a very patriotic dessert.  


Firework Shirts
This is a perfect activity for all ages!  Take a plain white T-shirt you can purchase from your local discount store OR find one right in your closet!  Add a little red and blue dye and some rubber bands and you’re on your way.  Everyone can get as creative as they want with how they tie their rubber bands, making their shirt stand out.  Once dyed and the bands are removed, the swirls will look like Fireworks!  

Holidays are a time to relax and spend with your friends and family.  Especially with kids, staying close to home and thinking a little outside the box can be a stress free way to enjoy your Independence Day and make lasting memories for the whole family.


Have a fun and safe 4th of July!


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