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Whitening isn't always a 'bright' choice

A common problem patients have with their teeth is heightened sensitivity. This can be caused from a number of things according to the ADA , such as:

Franklin TN Dentists toothpaste without whitening

  • worn tooth enamel
  • exposed tooth root
  • tooth decay
  • worn filling

All of those are pretty common, but a less known cause for sensitive teeth is toothpaste, with whitening. The whitening part is the kicker. Toothpaste with whitening isn't dangerous in any way, but if a patient already has sensitive teeth, using toothpaste with whitening can cause pain and maintain a higher sensitivity level. The simple change of toothpaste can have a dramatic impact on a patient's tooth sensitivity. We recommend toothpastes without whitening or specifically for sensitive teeth as a good options to help to build strength back in your teeth. 

We have seen great improvements in our patients with sensitive teeth just by switching to toothpaste without whitening. Always remember to discuss your oral health with your dentists, Dr. Trammell and Dr. Hutchison. 


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